The Company was founded in 2003 mainly focused in helping the productive sector, linking entrepreneurs and investors in order to make the deals structured by Comark an strategic advantage for business cash flow and also assets with more proftable returns to investors.


The Operatons Structured by Comark has in its main feature to suit companies financial needs tied to its strategic planning and also to its cash flow. Thus is necessary a deep research about the companies figures, risk and available guaranties, in order to make each deal an interesting opportunity through the market and investors.


Structured operations typically uses contracts and/or receivables as a type of guaranty and in this matter contracts signed with AAA Companies with appropriate timing and volume offers strength for our structured assets.


The process of changeing the bank account domicile and set an scrow account in order to keep the tranparency between the parties involved is a key condition for success in this type of structured operacions.


Structured operations must be at least investment grade, and present enough risk coverage in the projects financed what creates a proper environment of placement with qualified investors. Important to mention that those deals are settled through CETIP (Custody and Settlement Chamber), and also the players involved approved by the CVM (Securities Commission).


Part of the process of risk mitigation in its structured operations probally need to obtain insurance and performance guarantee by IRB (Brazilian Reinsurance Company) and/or Insurance/Re-insurerance local or international companies. And for that reason Comark has stablished partnerships with the main players in this sector, making the requirement flexible and simplified.



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